The Beaverton Band Booster organization provides leadership and opportunity to support Ensemble members in fundraisers that both students and parents participate in. Fundraising enables the Band Boosters to keep participation fees low and enables students to earn credit toward their individual accounts (to be put toward future band participation fees). Ensemble-wide fundraisers and individualized fundraisers are organized by the Boosters or students with Booster oversight.

Individual Accounts

Various fundraising activities throughout the year offer an opportunity for students to earn credit for their individual accounts – an account established to help offset/pay for the following year’s Band fees. Student credit amounts vary depending on the fundraiser; very often the proceeds will be divided between the student’s individual account and the Band Boosters general fund.  If for some reason you begin fundraising and your student does not participate in band, any funds accumulated are non-refundable. On the other hand, they may be designated to a sibling’s account or to the Band General Fund.

General Fund

These funds are raised in the name of Beaverton Band Boosters, a non-profit organization.

The Beaverton Band Boosters have fiscal and legal responsibility for all Ensemble sponsored activities. To ensure the safety and security of our students and ongoing positive relationships with the BHS and Beaverton School District Administration, our fundraising policy is this:

No Ensemble-sponsored fund-raising may be promoted or launched without the express involvement and approval of theBeaverton Band Boosters Board. The Board MUST be notified and clear the activity BEFORE contact is made with any business or any event is planned.

Two adults must be present and supervising ANY event!  Continuous adult oversight and supervision is necessary for any fundraising activity to take place.