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The Beaverton High School Marching Ensemble (BHSME) consists of combined winds, pit, Color Guard, and Drum Line, led by Drum Majors, the BHS Director of Bands, Student Leadership and the mass efforts of all of the parents and families.  

BHSME performs a portion of their fall show at all home football games as well as provides music for the Rhythm B’s at halftime.

The full show will be performed at 3-4 competitions on Saturdays, from late September to early November. These shows are part of the Northwest Association for Performing Arts (http://www.nwapa.us).


The Band

The band is made up of students of all grade levels and instruments. A number of students whose usual instruments are not suitable for marching (oboes, strings, and bassoons, for example) find a place either on alternative wind instruments, in the pit, or as part of the Color Guard.  The band learns music, along with a marching routine (the “drill”). 

The Color Guard

The Color Guard combine flags, rifles, and sabers with dance and emotion to portray the theme of the performance. Together, the band and Color Guard perform a field show which is roughly ten minutes long. They usually compete against groups similar in size.

Student Leadership

BHSME has challenged themselves to be more student-led. The task of student leadership is not a simple one, but many students have stepped up to the challenge. You will receive a list of Student Leaders which include Drum Majors, Color Guard Captain, Section Leaders and Field Assistants. We strongly suggest you communicate with your Section Leader as soon as possible.


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