Football Game Nights!

The Marching Ensemble performs at all home football games supporting the team, cheerleaders, and fans by performing pep tunes in the stands during time-outs and between plays, performing all or part of our competitive show during halftime, and performing a standstill tune for the Rhythm B's.

Students are granted a small break during the third quarter and are back in the stands, ready to play for the fourth quarter. After halftime, the Color Guard may change and leave.

After the game, students are responsible for putting the band room back in order before all are released. If the football team makes it to any playoff games, the band may get to perform depending on the location.

Dinner is provided by the Band Boosters on days that rehearsal falls on a home game day.

You will receive a schedule of the home football games.

Typical Friday Schedule for Home Football Games:

2:45 - 5:00pm Normal rehearsal

5:15 - 6:00pm Dinner (Friday Feed) is served in the cafeteria

6:00 - 6:30pm Warm up for the game

6:30pm In the stands ready to play

Visit our Calendar for Game Times and Dates.

Competitions Days!

It is important for parents to know what they should expect when they go see their students compete AND it's very important for families to try to attend these competitions. This is OUR team's performance and a cheering section is always appreciated!

Departure and approximate return times, plus directions on how to get to each show, are
announced the week prior to each competition. BHSME travels to each competition as a
group, with chaperones and staff, on Beaverton School District buses. Chaperones get into almost all competitions for free.

Competitions take place, rain or shine! Dress for the weather. Cold, wind, rain and an occasional ray of sun have all been experienced. Layering of clothes is always helpful along with an umbrella/rain repellent outerwear and a seat cushion.

Typical Schedule for Competition Days:

7:00am to 8:00am Rehearsal

9:00am Arrive at Stadium

9:30am Warm-up for Prelims

10:30am Perform at Prelims

12pm Lunch and watch other bands perform

3:30pm Warm-up for Finals

5:30pm Perform at Finals

6:30pm Dinner and watch other bands perform

9:00pm Awards

10:00pm Arrive back at BHS

Visit our Calendar for Competition Times and Dates.

For more information about competition days visit our FAQs page.