Rehearsals and Attendance Policy

In order to get the most out of our rehearsal time and be competitive this season, everyone needs to attend EVERY practice and be on time.

The Drum Majors and Color Guard Captain will be keeping track of who is on time, absent and late throughout the season.

The Drum Majors have a master roll sheet for band members. Each Section Leader will observe at the very beginning of practice who is on time, who is late and who is absent. At the end of practice the Section Leaders will report to the Drum Majors with their lists.


In order for an excused absence to be valid, the Band Director, a Drum Major, and your Section Leader must initial a written note or excuse. It also must be turned in before the rehearsal from which you intend to be absent. The Band Director's initials means that he is aware of your plan to be absent or late and that it is all right with him for you to do so. If possible, try to get the Band Director's O.K. first before your Section Leader and Drum Major. Multiple dates may be listed on one excused absence form; you do not have to fill out a separate one for each date.

  • If you miss school because of an illness, a parent/guardian's phone call to the attendance office DOES NOT notify the Band Director, a Drum Major OR your Section Leader that you will be missing a practice. An additional phone call is necessary in case of illness.
  • If you play a sport or have some other commitment that directly conflicts with many rehearsals, please see the Band Director ASAP!
  • If you are not excused for an absence or tardy, you will make up the time after practice on Tuesday evening. Consequences for these situations will be discussed during Band Camp.
  • Situations that force an Ensemble member to be late for practice (such as a teacher requiring you to make up a test) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. As you RUN in late, find a Drum Major or your Color Guard captain at an appropriate time and explain your excuse.

Importance of Each Person's Role

If for some reason you feel you need to withdraw from the marching program or Color Guard, please talk to your Section Leader, a Drum Major, and the Band Director, or a board member. If you still have strong feelings, notify the Band Director immediately! Dropping after even the first day of Band Camp creates difficulties for the entire Ensemble and may result in financial penalties.

You are important. When you drop, it changes the entire drill (puts a hole in it) and the music (a part is left out). The drill, music, and budget are based around a specific number of people. We don't want you to drop out! We want you to hang in there and share the pride of doing a good job on the field.

PLEASE THINK AHEAD! Plan your schedules in advance!

Learning the Drill

A marching Ensemble is a composition of multiple elements, especially visual and sound. The visual portion of the show is displayed in a series of drawings on papers, sort of like a flipbook. The visual aspect of a show is what makes the great Ensembles "great".

The "drill" is the series of movements each member of the Ensemble goes through during every show. Drills can contain upwards of 50 to 60 sets, or snapshots of the form throughout the show. Learning and remembering this behemoth is quite a task by itself: each set is of varying length, distance, and degree of difficulty.