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Welcome to Beaverton High School Bands and Ensembles

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Mission Statement

The Beaverton High School Bands and Ensembles is committed to creating experiences that promote collaboration between individuals and inspiring them to go beyond their own perceived limits. We focus on assisting individuals in their personal growth and creative efforts and sharing their talents with the outside world. We believe in their ability to create community and connect to a greater audience to bring joy, spirit, and celebration.

Meet The Director of Bands

Mr Simantel is the current Director of Bands at Beaverton High School. He completed his music degree at The University of Oregon.  Mr Simantel is doing a tremendous job with the bands and ensembles. He is enthusiastic about meeting every student's needs and is passionate about their love of music.

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Meaningful Work. Unforgettable Experiences.


   We love our

BHSBE partners with the world in its endeavors to recycle and make the planet a better place to live.  One of our goals is to recycle cans and bottles which we deposit at the Bottle Bank and fundraise at the same time.  Check out our donations page to find out what you can do to help.

It is our goal to have an annual Earth Day Electronics Recycling event to give the public a chance to clear out their homes of older electronics and keep them out of the dump. This is a great fundraising event.  Drop off your old electronics and give us a donation for doing all the hard work.  We partner with a local company that will recycle almost everything.  It's a great day for volunteering!  Join us.  Click here for more details.

Stay tuned as we explore offering a "Shredding" day to the community and fundraise at the same time.

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